People grow in a garden five thousand roses … and do not find what they are looking for. But what they need can be found in one single rose-The Little Prince

I remember when I was five or six years old, my dad first read to me a book by Antoine Saint-
Exupery, The Little Prince. It was so colorful, though there were not many pictures throughout

the book. Or maybe there were, but I was attracted by images that were born in my mind. I

remember, I had a feeling as if I was traveling with the Little Prince to different planets inhabited

by all kinds of people. For me, as for him, it was all brand new. I learnt a lot, but not all that the

book could gave me.

When I was nine or ten years old, at the school we were assigned to read The Little Prince. I

made a lot of new disclosures. For example I understand why the little prince loved his rose so

much. And a few more puzzles found their solutions. I was thinking that I’ve fully understood

the book and was very happy for this.

Currently once again I read a few sentences from the book, on which previously I did not pay

attention. I realized that any person is interested in the world around us. Although most valuable

things are those that we own-the things that belong to us. But the most important thing that

I understand now, is the belief that if one reads The Small Prince even at their eighties, they

will still be unable to understand the book completely. I even doubt that the author actually

understood his Little Prince 🙂

You can read the Russian version of this composition too.


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