Why do I want to take part in Izmir Space Camp

I am Mariam, 13 years old Armenian girl, living in Yerevan. I study in the educational complex named after Mkhitar Sebastatsi.


Beside the usual lessons we take extra classes at our school. And one of those classes is about astronomy and space. We have special astronomy club, where students watch movies, have discussions and meet with experts. When I was in primary school I had a dream to become a member of astronomy club. And now I’m one of them-I often take part in trips inside Armenia, where we explore the space and discuss different topics with my friends. And I always thought: how students in other countries study space and what kind of lessons they have in their schools.


I’ve learned about the Izmir summer camp this year, when Mr. Artak, the teacher of history, introduced it to us. He told us that it’s one of the International space camps in the world, situated in Izmir, where young people get opportunity to learn about space, new technologies and make good friends. His story interested me a lot and I decided to learn details about the camp. All the photos with participants’ happy faces and stories about their experience made me understand that this is the place where I want to go, where I can practice my English, learn new things about astronomy and space. And all this participants learn in practice, which gives a real feeling like they’re astronauts, engineers or scientists. And also I like that on the last day of camp participants present their countries with its culture, music, traditions. It gives opportunity to know each other and learn about other countries. If I’ve been selected as a participant I will share my knowledge and feelings in my blog to make other people informed about the Camp


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