The goal of my life

Every day I set a new goal in my life. For example one day I woke up and decided that the goal of my life is to become a professional squash player. I went to the sport club, and applied for the squash trainings, took some classes and participated in the competition. But about a week ago I drew beautiful mermaid and understood that my direction is painting. Yesterday I read a book about astronomy and thought that I must explore more about stars and the space. But the strangest thing is that I’m sure that tomorrow I will change my life’s goal too. The reason of this chaotic situation is that I have too many interests. I love football, painting, tennis, squash, games, astronomy, sciences, singing, dancing, playing, learning, reading… And now I cannot decide the real goal of my life. Adults say that it is very usual situation for the teenager like me, as I need to discover the world and learn new things as much as possible. That is why I have decided to participate in the different trips, discussions, and circles to understand what the aim of my life is.


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