Mariam and Ani-Mkhitar Sebastaci

Mariam: Hello, Ani. What are you doing?

Ani:  I am looking for information about Mkhitar Sebastatsi.  Can you help me? What do you know about him?
Mariam: Why do you want to get information about Mkhitar Sebastatsi?
Ani:Our school is named after Mkhitar Sebastatsi and now we are having Mkhitar Sebastatsi’s days in our school.
Mariam:  I see. Of course, I shall help you. I have read that Mkhitar Sebastatsi  was born in 1676, on the 7th of February. He was a scientist.He wanted to raise the educational and spiritual level of the Armenian people. And what have you found about him, Ani?
Ani: Look, this text says that Mkhitar Sebastatsi had founded the Mkhitarist Order in Constantinople in 1701.  In 1715 the Order had moved to Venice, to the island San lazzaro,  and I know that he  had translated many books and published them.
Mariam: I can tell you some more information about him. Mkhitar Sebastatsi built an Armenian church and opened an Armenian school.
Ani: Do you know, that he had also written Armenian national songs, called sharakan. Mkhitar died at the monastery on the 27th of April in 1749 and was buried in the monastery church.
Mariam: How shall we celebrate Mkhitar Sebastatsi’s days in our school?
Ani: We usually marinate vegetables, make and eat harissa, sing and dance. Will you join us tomorrow?
Mariam: Oh. I like harissa! It is nice to eat it with our friends at school!
Ani: So, we shall meet tomorrow at eleven o’clock to have this tasty breakfast, and don’t forget about our Flash Mob.
Mariam: We are going to have fun tomorrow! See you tomorrow!
Ani: See you. Goodbye.

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